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gallery opens on wed to sun
1/F, 2A Second Street, Sai Ying Pun
gallery opens on wed to sun
1/F, 2A Second Street, Sai Ying Pun

澳洲壁畫家 Fintan Magee

I travel a lot for my work. Usually I eat a hotel breakfast and then paint all day before crying myself to sleep haha.」他打趣道。

他是澳洲壁畫家 Fintan Magee,經常遊走世界各地出差,在不同地方的繪畫超大型戶外壁畫是他的日常生活。他曾到過黎巴嫩首都貝魯特,在當地愛上黎巴嫩菜,也曾到訪伊朗首都德黑蘭,在那裡和一位他聽聞名字很久的藝術家合作繪畫壁畫。


Fintan Magee 關心時事,透過壁畫,他試圖喚起社會對全球暖化、難民問題等議題的關心。他繪畫的,往往不是名人,而是在世界各地不同角落努力掙扎求存的小人物⋯⋯

當你到異地旅遊時,不妨間中抬頭看看,可能在你意想不到的地方,就藏著一幅 Fintan Magee 的壁畫?

1.你畫了多少年畫?除了繪畫,你還有甚麼項目正在進行? How long have you been drawing? Beside illustration, do you work on other projects?


I work primarily as a muralist and painter. 

2.試形容自己的插畫風格。 Try to describe your illustration style.


I am an expressive realist, magic realist or social realist. to be honest I am just in love with the painting process. 

3.每天的時間怎樣分配? What is your typical day like?


I travel a lot for my work so it’s hard to define a typical day. usually I eat a hotel breakfast and then paint all day before crying myself to sleep haha. 

4.靈感來自何處?Where do you get your inspiration?


From everything. I think I read the news too much.

5, 最喜歡吃甚麼菜?What kind of food do you like the most?

我最喜歡的黎巴嫩菜。2017 年時我在黎巴嫩首都貝魯特,我現在不能停止掛念那裡的食物。

My favourite country for food is Lebanon. I was in Beirut 2017 and can’t stop thinking about the food there. 

6.畫畫時聽甚麼音樂?What kind of music do you listen to when you draw?

我現在正在聽 Gil Scott Heron。我的音樂品味很廣泛,由 Rap、Rave 到 J-pop 以及介於這些音樂之間的所有音樂我都會聽。

Listening to Gil Scott Heron right now, my music taste is all over the place though. I listen to anything from Rap, Rave to J-pop and everything in between.  

7.講一個你印象最深刻的故事/經歷。 Tell us a story/ experience that is most memorable to you 

可能是去年我在伊朗畫的壁畫。那是在德黑蘭,其中一個我最喜歡的城市,我有機會與一位久聞其名的藝術家 Guido Van Helten 合作。

Probably my mural in Iran last year. It was in Tehran which is one of my favourite cities and I got to collaborate with an artist I have known for a long time Guido Van Helten. 

8.如果有一張機票/船票,你想去甚麼地方? If you have an airline/ ferry ticket, where would you like to go? 



9.如果下世要變成動物,想變成甚麼?What kind of animal you would like to become in your next life?


Honey Badger. 

10.你最不欣賞/最欣賞哪一位插畫家?Which illustrator do you admire/despise the most? 

我最喜歡的插畫家是澳洲諷刺漫畫家 Michael Leunig。

My favourite illustrator is the Australian comic strip artist and satirist, Michael Luenig. 

Text:StoryTeller team
Illustrator:Fintan Magee


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