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POP ALONE Art Tee by Takeru Machida *PRE-ORDER*

HKD$ 400.00

Takeru Machida ZtoryTeller and Japanese artist Takeru Machida have collaborated on a limited-edition commemorative Tee inspired by his Pop Alone Collection. This collection draws inspiration from the lights and shadows of the city, born out of a sense of solitude.
 ZtoryTeller與日本藝術家 Takeru Machida 的限定紀念Tee,源自他的 Pop Alone Collection,因為孤獨而從城市中的光影啟發的系列。
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About the Artist:
Takeru Machida was born in Shizuoka, Japan. Spent his late childhood in the U.S. and grew up heavily influenced by various pop/street/subcultures in Japan and the West. After studying visual communication design at university and joined several design studio as a graphic designer, he became an independent illustrator/designer. The iconic “melancholic and wistful eye” illustration is the trademark. Active in a wide range, including art, illustration, and design works in Japan and world wide. Instagram: @takerumachida
1. 此Tee沒有分男女裝
2. 一經購買,所有貨品不設退換。
3. 限定商品數量有限,售罄即止。
4. 客人如欲購買,須留下電郵和電話作聯絡時間取貨,約4星期後可於 ZtoryTeller Gallery 取貨。
5. 如有任何爭議,商店保留最終決定權。
Purchase Terms:
1. This tee is unisex.
2. All purchased items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
3. Limited quantities are available for the exclusive products, and sales will cease once sold out.
4. Customers are required to provide their email and phone number for contact and collection scheduling. The collection can be made at ZtoryTeller Gallery approximately 4 weeks after purchase.
5. In the event of any dispute, the store reserves the right to make the final decision.

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