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GOOD FORTUNE GOOD YEAR Fish Shrimp Crab game set

HKD$ 238.00

ZtoryTeller x Takeru Machida
Fish Shrimp Crab Set
Three wooden dice included.

ZtoryTeller 2023年首個實體 Art Project – 「魚蝦蟹」,是與日本插畫師 Takeru Machida 聯乘的企劃,將傳統農曆新年遊戲重新設計。兔年,我們純粹地為大家帶來一份禮物 —— Takeru 將魚蝦蟹化身為美少女,配合特製的木造骰子,讓大家有一個跟親友們重新聚在一起的快樂時刻。


ZtoryTeller wish you GOOD FORTUNE GOOD YEAR.

In the first post of 2023, we would like to introduce our first Art Project in 2023 – “Fish, Shrimp and Crab”, which is a joint project with Japanese illustrator Takeru Machida, redesigning the traditional Lunar New Year game. In the Year of the Rabbit, we simply bring you a gift – transforming the design of fish, shrimp and crabs into beauties, and with special wooden dice, let everyone have a happy moment of having fun with relatives and friends through this traditional board game! We also specially translated the rules of the game in Japanese and English. No matter where you are in the new year, you can play with foreign friends!

This simple and direct gameplay makes it span the ages and minds. Both children and adults adults enjoy the excitement together through this game. Perhaps, the meaning of such a game is actually “BE TOGETHER”, so as the meaning of lunar new year.


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Weight 99 g

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