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The Zodiac Collection – Snake In Hong Kong by Eleanor McColl (2015)

HKD$ 2,850.00

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Printed on Archival Print Paper

(H45 x W41 cm)



Eleanor McColl

Eleanor McColl is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Hong Kong. She studied Fine Art at U.W.E Bristol, in England and came to Hong Kong in 1999 to pursue her career as an artist and art educator.

 McColl’s work is rooted in place with a focus on the urban environment.   Her work draws the eye to the often-unnoticed details of the city, casting the “shadows on the wall” of the modern human condition: often solitary, hardworking and hardwearing.  Through manipulation of focus, her work explores the delicate points of contact in the otherwise ceaseless blur of the everyday anonymous citizen.

Drawn to the dramatic palate of dilapidation, refurbishment and renewal, her cityscapes explore the interface between Hong Kong’s unique verticality and its impact on its people. 

McColl’s series of silhouettes titled “Collage – The Zodiac Collection”, depicts the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. The artworks feature ripped and spliced 


East Meets West · A Lasting Legacy in Hong Kong 

Timeless and boundless

Welcome to East Meets West · A Lasting Legacy in Hong Kong. 

Legacy transcends boundaries, whether they are geographical or generational. Through the power of art, we can imagine and protect history, share knowledge and entrust legacy to future generations. 

This exhibition, themed around legacy and celebrating the journey of life, brings together a group of local and international artists, including Louise Hill, Eleanor McColl, Vivian Ho, and Gianluca Crudele. Together, they create art that fuses Eastern and Western traditions. 

At Chubb Life, we understand the importance of enduring legacy. With this exhibition, we hope to demonstrate the significance of legacy through the different stages of life, while showcasing the unique integration of East and West cultures in Hong Kong. Legacy starts today. What kind of legacy do you want to build? 

Chubb Life enables you to achieve every kind of legacy.



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