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Hog Walker by Sophia Ho Tung

HKD$ 15,000.00

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Printed on Awagami bamboo archival paper

Dimension : H594 mm x W420 mm


Sophia Hotung is a Eurasian Hong Kong writer and illustrator, best known for creating The Hong Konger art collection while bedridden from autoimmune diseases. Sophia is the author of The Hong Konger Anthology, The Heist of Hooded Light, and her work has been exhibited across Hong Kong at the Digital Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair, Oi Ling Antiques, Soho House, and K11 ARTUS. As a disability advocate, Sophia channels proceeds from her art and books into initiatives for chronic disability issues, women’s rights, and arts and literature in Hong Kong.



We are proud to introduce an exciting collaboration between two esteemed brands, CHUBB and ZtoryTeller. CHUBB, a renowned global insurance brand, and ZtoryTeller, a leading art platform, have joined forces to create a brand new art space that beautifully merges with the CHUBB VIP Centre.

With a shared commitment to supporting diverse identities and creators from around the world, this collaboration brings together the expertise and passion of both brands. By inviting exceptionally talented artists, CHUBB and ZtoryTeller have curated a unique collection of sophisticated artworks that embody and spread the exceptional values of CHUBB – Bringing light to your life.

The result is an immersive art experience that seamlessly combines the exclusivity of CHUBB’s VIP Centre with the creativity of ZtoryTeller. Through this collaboration, both brands aspire to foster an atmosphere of inspiration, wonder, and appreciation for the power of art.


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