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ALONE TOGETHER Artbook by Mateusz Kolek

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Mateusz Kolek 個人作品集《Alone Together》分為四章,首兩章〈香港〉和〈東京〉顧名思義,是以香港和東京兩地畫作為主題,透過 Matuesz 細膩的觀察和筆觸,讓我們重新審視香港和日本的美;第三章〈中場休息 Intermission〉取材自疫情最嚴重時,Mateusz 在波蘭的大自然環境中對內心世界的探索。最後一章〈克拉科夫〉,則是以孕育了 Mateusz 成長的故鄉克拉科夫為主題。

Mateusz Kolek 首本個人作品集《Alone Together》分為普通版和限量版兩個版本,普通版包含《Alone Together》一本,限量版則包含:

– 限量版特製藍色書盒
-《Alone Together》一本
– 24 x 33 cm Fine art print 一張,附藝術家簽名
– Fine art print 相關之證書

限量版《Alone Together》將隨機附送四款 Fine art print 其中之一,四款 Art print 分別來自書中四個章節:香港的〈Cheung Chau〉、東京的〈Gotokuji Temple〉、中場休息的〈Entomologist〉及克拉科夫的〈Pilsudski Bridge〉。每款 Art print 只限量生產 50 款,換言之限量版總數僅為 200 本,極具收藏價值。

The collection art book “Alone Together” is divided into four chapters. The first two chapters “Hong Kong” and “Tokyo”, as the name implies, are based on the paintings of Hong Kong and Tokyo. Through Matuesz’s delicate observation and brushwork, let us re-examine the history of Hong Kong and Japan. Beauty; Chapter 3 “Intermission” is based on Mateusz’s exploration of his inner world in the natural environment of Poland when the epidemic was at its worst. The last chapter, Krakow, is based on Krakow, the hometown where Mateusz grew up.

Mateusz Kolek’s first personal collection “Alone Together” have two versions: Regular edition and Limited edition.

The limited edition contains:

– Limited edition special blue book box
– A copy of “Alone Together”
– One 24 x 33 cm Fine art print, signed by the artist
– Certificates related to Fine art print

The limited edition “Alone Together” will come with one of four fine art prints, each from the four chapters in the book: “Cheung Chau” in Hong Kong, “Gotokuji Temple” in Tokyo, and “Entomologist” in the intermission ] and the <Pilsudski Bridge> in Krakow.

Each Art print is limited to 50 pieces. The total number of limited editions is only 200, which is highly collectible. Each fine art print is produced and signed by Mateusz Kolek.

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